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Meet Falon

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Falon Collins M.S., CCC-SLP
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Hello! I am Falon Collins, the owner and founder of Speaking of the Matter Therapy Services, LLC. I am a huge advocate for helping others understand the power of their voice.


Clinical Services

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Happy Senior Couple

Adult Rehabilitation Services

Are you or a family member experiencing difficulty with the following?:

  • Understanding simple and complex information that you hear or read?

  • Expressing your needs/wants and ideas to others consistently?  

  • Paying attention/concentrating? Remembering information? Planning, organizing, problem solving? 

  • Coughing/choking during meals? Difficulty chewing or swallowing during meals?

  • Producing words and phrases due to illness or injury? Speaking clearly? Speaking at the appropriate rate? Running out of air when speaking?

  • Unpleasant change in your voice? Projecting your voice in normal or loud situations? Being asked to repeat yourself often?

  • Understanding social cues? Interacting socially with peers?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, please schedule a complimentary consultation below!


Quality speech therapy in the comfort of your own home

Serving Georgia and Virginia Virtually


Serving clients in-home in the Metro Atlanta area

We are now accepting clients with Medicare Part B,  Georgia Medicaid , and CareSource Insurance!


                     Office: (770) 268-0528    |    Email: info@speakingofthematter.com

Looking forward to talking to you!

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